• Film Frenzy is spread over a span of 6 days (Starting from 18th September).
  • Day 0 (September 18th) will be a warm up session as to get you familiar as how the game would be.
  • 6 questions( 5 movie names and 1 song name) will be posted for each day @ 8 pm.
  • Answers should be sent before 8 am the next day.
  • All questions will be based on released Malayalam films.
  • Only XMECians are allowed to participate.
  • Only the first submission from each participant will be considered.
  • The movie name should be spelt similar to its wiki entry.
  • The song name should be spelt similar to the soundtrack name as per wiki
  • Bonus question answer spelling need not be as per Wiki.
  • For the bonus question, first five people to answer it correctly will be given 20 points each.
How To Play
  • Each day a New Webpage link will be opened when the game starts.
  • Answers should be provided in the submit section of the page.
  • Fill in the other mandatory details and click the submit button.
  • Each correct answer fetches 5 points.
  • Early birds with ALL correct answers fetch bonus points.
    • 1st- +25 points
    • 2nd- +20 points
    • 3rd- +15 points
    • 4th- +10 points
    • 5th- +5 points